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Special Events

Bomber Command Museum of Canada

Year Event
2018 Event

Dambusters 75th Anniversary

2017 Event

Formation of 6 Group RCAF 75th Anniversary

2016 Event

Salute to 419 Squadron

2015 Event

Lancaster FM159's 70th Birthday

2014 Event

The Great Escape
70th Anniversary Commemoration

2013 Event

Dambusters 70th Anniversary Commemoration

2012 Event

Meet Calgary's Mosquito Bomber

2011 Event

Salute to 408 Squadron
Museum 25th Anniversary Celebration

2010 Event

Salute to the Flight Instructors

2009 Event

Remembering Baz

2009 Event

Salute to Jack Allan

2008 Event

Lancs in the Fifties

2007 Event

American's In The RCAF

2006 Event

Bomber Command Museum of Canada
Twentieth Anniversary Celebration

2005 Event

Canada's Bomber Command Memorial Dedication

2004 Event

Salute to the Air Gunners

2004 Commemoration

Sinking of the Battleship Tirpitz (Sixtieth Anniversary)

2003 Event

Dambusters Sixtieth Anniversary
Salute to Terry Taerum

2003 Exhibit

Matthew Ferguson
Nose Artist Display Opening

2002 Event

Salute to the BCATP

2002 Event

Aviation Art Exhibit
A Brush With Aviation

2001 Event

Salute to the Lancaster
VR-X connection

2000 Event

Dedication of Blenheim IV to Barry Davidson

1999 Event

First of the Ten Thousand
F.Sgt. Albert Stanley Prince

1998 Event

The Airforce, Past, Present, and Future

1997 Event

Roy Chadwick

1996 Event

Salute to Those Who Served

1995 Event

Operation Manna

1994 Event

Salute to the Pathfinders

1993 Event

Dambusters Fiftieth Anniversary

1992 Event

Official Opening of the Museum Building

1990 Event

The Dedication of Lancaster FM159
to S/L Ian Bazalgette VC DFC

1989 Flypast

Mynarski Memorial Lancaster Salutes Nanton

Bomber Command Museum of Canada