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Nose Art

None of these pieces is actual wartime work on original aircraft skin. Rather it is "replica" nose art, painted fairly recently but on actual skin from a wartime aircraft.

"A" Train
Admiral Prune
Booting Hitler
"C" for Cecil
Canada Kid
Corkscrew Charlie
Devastating Dog
Dipsy Doodle
Easter Egg for Hitler
            Gallopin Gerty
Hell Razor
Irremoveable Finger
Joan Crawford
Just Testing
Lady Owl
Little Bear
London's Revenge
Medicine Hat
No. 71 Squadron
No. 107 Squadron
Nuts for Nazis
            Ol Daid Eye
P - Pete
Press on Regardless
Seven Dwarfs
Stork with Baby I
Stork with Baby II
Stork Wellington
Veni Vedi Vici
Zombie I
Zombie II
Zombie III

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