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Bomber Command Museum of Canada
Restoration of the Calgary Mosquito

The museum is pleased to be partnered with the Calgary Mosquito Society in the restoration of the City of Calgary's de Havilland Mosquito.

We will be contributing space in our North Hangar for the restoration as well as expertise in the restoration of the Mosquitoes Merlin engines to run-able status. As well the City of Calgary's Hurricane will have its Merlin engine restored to run-able at our facility.

The Mosquito arrived at the museum on August 11, 2012. and a special 'Meet the Calgary Mosquito' event was held August 17, 2012.

For the latest news on Calgary's Mosquito visit the Calgary Mosquito Society's website.
Calgary Mosquito Society

In anticipation of the arrival of the Mosquito, members of the Calgary Mosquito Society placed a permanent display in our main hangar.

Unloading the Fuselage.

Unloading the Wing.

John Phillips and the Mosquito's Merlins.

Bob O'Connor with Calgary's Mosquito safely in the Hangar.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada