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Museum Information

Bomber Command Museum of Canada
Museum Expansion Project

Background Current Limitations Expansion Proposal Community Involvement
Museum Expansion Project Donation Options

    Pilot Officer    $100 or more

    Wing Commander    $5000 or more

    Flying Officer    $250 or more

    Group Captain    $25,000 or more

    Flight Lieutenant    $500 or more

    Air Vice Marshal    $50,000 or more

    Squadron Leader    $1000 or more

    Air Chief Marshal    $100,000 or more

Expansion Project Donators' Board

Donators may place their name on our "Donor Board" which is composed of two wing panels from a Canadian-built Lancaster.
It will be on permanent display in the museum.

How To Donate

Please download the donation form and instructions.

Museum Expansion Donation Form


Bomber Command Museum of Canada