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Art Collections

Since the early 1990's the Bomber Command Museum (formerly the Nanton Lancaster Air Museum) has enjoyed a special relationship with prominent aviation artist John Rutherford of Kamloops, British Columbia. During this period John has been commissioned to complete a number of paintings, each depicting a special moment in history that related to many of the special events that the museum hosts each summer. As well as providing us with a wonderful collection of artwork for display, John and his wife Mabel have generously provided a number of donated paintings and prints to assist with fund raising for the museum.

The Collection
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For You The War Is Over

The First Of The Ten Thousand

Down, Down, Down,.. Steady, Steady...

Touching Down After 84

Operation Manna

The First Cornells

Roy Chadwick
-Architect Of Wings

Salute To Those Who Served

Salute To The Air Force
-Past, Present, And Future

Salute To The Pathfinders

Salute To The Air Gunners

Escorting HMCS Ontario

Bomber Command Museum of Canada